It is becoming more important to plan ahead for your golden years.  Where are you going to live? How are you going to pay your bills and if there are medical bills, how are you going to cover them?  There are answers but you have to think about them early and plan so you are ready!

Guardianship – In many cases a family member may need a guardianship and conservatorship to make decisions for them and handle their finances when they are no longer competent to do so.  If that person has not signed a power of attorney or advance medical directive then a guardianship and conservatorship is the only way for a family member to step in and get the information and make the decisions needed for their family member.

Advance Medical Directive If you want to make the decision on who will make medical decisions for you when you cannot,  you need an advance medical directive.  You can have a say on how you want medical decisions made when you can no longer tell someone. The hospital will make you sign their form and that may not be what you want.  You can tell the hospital and your medical power of attorney how you want the hospital to care for you when you are terminally ill.  You can decide how much life saving efforts you want, how you want to handle organ donation and you can give them special instructions that you particularly want.

Power of Attorney You can appoint someone to be a power of attorney when you can no longer handle paying bills, deciding where you need to live, etc.  You want to pick someone you trust who will carry out your wishes to the best of their ability and make good decisions for your future.

There is a lot to think about and we can assist you in getting the necessary paperwork together that you will need.

Medicaid : We can help you with decisions regarding Medicaid and whether or not you will be eligible.  Like all government benefits there is a lot of paperwork to get the process started and it is complicated to meet their criteria.  There is also a lookback period that might impede you from getting those benefits, but we can help you get through it and help get you qualified.

VA Benefits:  This is an area that people are just beginning to understand.  It has been a well kept secret.  If you are a veteran then this probably applies to you in some way.  Also, most vets don’t know that some of these benefits are available to their spouses as well.  This money can help keep a person in their home or help pay for nursing home care.  It is worth checking out.  Don’t miss out on a benefit that should be yours.

Wills:  If you need a will we can put that together also. It helps your family know what you wanted and you can give them instructions on your funeral wishes and any other thing that is important to you.

Make an appointment with us and get started on your plan.  It can take several months, even years to secure some of these benefits and sometimes there is a waiting period.


Contact us now to begin to put your plan together.