Divorce: It isn’t as easy as it seems. In most cases there are many issues to consider when seeking a divorce.  How quickly can you get a divorce?  In Virginia, usually a year, after separation, if you have children.  If no children then you may be able to do it in six months.  You want to make sure you address all the issues whether the divorce is contested or uncontested.

Equitable distribution in a divorce can be very complicated.  Don’t assume you know what you can get because your friend got it.  Every person’s circumstance is different and you need someone who can help identify the resources you are entitled to when your marriage comes to an end.  And then you may need help getting those resources after it is all over.  We can help you with that also.

The attorney has over 10 years experience in representing people seeking a divorce.  We will tell you what to expect and work hard for the best outcome.

Spousal support and child support: Support, both spousal and child support, dividing assets, retirement and military retirement distribution is an issue.  It can be complicated depending on your particular situation. You need to make sure you address these issues so you are getting what is legally yours when the marriage ends.

Child support is important so the spouse with custody has the resources to take care of the children.  How is it calculated?  There are guidelines in Virginia and there are exceptions.  You want to make sure this is being calculated correctly and that you don’t forget to update it as time goes on and your ex-spouses salary increases.  The kids expenses are going up as they get older and you will want to get an adjustment to child support to help pay for those additional expenses.

Custody and Visitation:  We can handle custody and visitation issues. It is important to have a legally binding document for custody, visitation and support of your children, especially if you are not married to the father. If you and the other parent can agree on a custody and visitation schedule that is better for the children than a lengthy battle. The court can sign off on the agreement making it a legally binding document.

But if that is not possible then the court decides what is in the best interests of your child.  This can be a difficult time when a family is breaking up due to divorce or when the parents just no longer want to be together.  The children’s well being and safety in many cases is a concern and these need to be addressed to help the child through this difficult period.

We can help you work through these sometimes very difficult issues. Call us for an appointment to talk through these issues and get what you need to move forward.

Contact us before you make any decisions that may not be in your best interest.